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Halloween Hijinks with LinLinBunny!

[ It's Halloween, late afternoon when the heroes are done with training for the day. Pao-Lin came up with the idea to get those yummy pudding cups and invited Ivan to go with her. A monorail ride and a lift to the Silver Stage brings them to dessert bakery. They order their pudding to go and leave... only to have what Ivan can only call a flash Halloween party.

A once empty street near the station instantly becomes a bustling festival of all things Halloween. Everyone is wearing a costume. Music is playing. Decorations are placed everywhere. Chairs and mirrors are set up to help do Halloween makeup, and there is a winding haunted "house" (given that it's not inside anything) with no noticeable entrance or exit. Water balloons filled with fake blood are present. This is the kind of thing that would end up YouTube.

The party goers have managed to shut down all public transportation to and from this area. Pao-Lin and Ivan are stranded among a increasingly enthusiastic and rowdy crowd. And who knows if any NEXTs are around to create a little more Halloween atmosphere?

Ivan's not in a costume, but he wears worry all over his face.

... I think we're in trouble...
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[Pao-Lin's wearing a dragon kigurumi today, the hood of which seemingly falls off her head in surprise when she steps out of the bakery and sees the sudden festivities outside.]

...maybe we could just wait and see if it disappears?

[It could just be a really damn good illusory NEXT power. I mean, check out those candy apples over there! Don't they look delicious?]
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[The entire incident happens so quickly and so out of the blue that even Dragon "Lightning Bolt Kung-Fu Master" Kid is left a little speechless for a few moments. Her gaze flits from the bloody ninja next to her to the perpetrator gleefully scurrying away and then back to Ivan, before she finally says:]

I'll, um, go get some napkins from inside. Hang on!

[And sure enough she'll return in a bit dual-wielding fistfuls of napkins. No doubt the bakery owners are giving her weird looks right now, but oh well.]
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[ Thankfully for them, Barnaby has never made a big deal out of his birthday. Despite the avalanche of fan mail and presents arriving at Apollon Media. It’s just another day for him, nothing particularly out of the ordinary. Except for this phone call, perhaps. He answers fairly quickly, though he sounds rather unsure regarding what this is about.

What could Ivan want with him at this time of the day? ]

Ivan? What is it?

[ He's not really sure what to say... ]
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[Pao-Lin helpfully adds:]

Someone threw a balloon full of blood at Ivan! Well, it was fake blood, but...

[Barnaby may or may not hear her clearly. She's not far from Ivan, but she's not standing right next to him, either. Certainly the commotion around them isn't going to help audibility issues.]
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… what do you mean, “crazy”? You do realise that you’re going to have to give me more information than that.

[ Sigh. He really only needs to hear that one word in order to be able to imagine the kind of chaos that these two have likely gotten themselves into. That said, he’s going to do himself a favour and start looking for his car keys now. ]

How did you manage to get yourselves into such a situation?
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It just appeared out of nowhere! I thought maybe it was a NEXT power...

[But that fake blood looked real enough. Unless this is some god-tier illusory stuff they're dealing with.]