Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

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[ The fire at the animal shelter had been horrible. Not only were there panicked employees to save but also many animals. Hero TV made breaking live news of the first league's grand rescue. The only casualty was the building itself.

Sadly, that also means a lot of animals are displaced. Some are transferred to other shelters. Some are temporarily set up at volunteers' homes. Agnes knows a great PR opportunity when she sees one and starts to plan a donation and adoption drive. Among the shelter animals are four rabbits with no place to go to yet. They are ones Origami Cyclone saved. Once the cameras are off, Ivan looks at them in the box, sitting on an old towel and huddled together. They're still terrified.

He can't just leave them...

The four rabbits peek their heads out of the box once Ivan sets them down in the apartment he and Barnaby share. The shelter gave him some food and hay to last for a few days until they can transfer them to a more permanent location. Ivan knows he really should have asked Barnaby first, but there hadn't been the time. His transport was ready to leave, and the shelter staff already had their hands full with the larger, more vocal animals. He offered to help temporarily house the rabbits, and they let him fill out the form in his hero name and use Helperidese Finances as his address.

The bunnies finally start to relax because they hop out and sniff him curiously. For a while, Ivan lays there on the ground and lets them make the first moves. Ivan reaches out slowly to lay his hand atop of a brown bunny's head and starts gently petting him. The other three hop closer. It seems they realize he's the one who saved them from the fire. Smiling, Ivan's more than happy to pet more of them and let them hop all over him. Much better than seeing them cowering in fear.
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[ It's Halloween, late afternoon when the heroes are done with training for the day. Pao-Lin came up with the idea to get those yummy pudding cups and invited Ivan to go with her. A monorail ride and a lift to the Silver Stage brings them to dessert bakery. They order their pudding to go and leave... only to have what Ivan can only call a flash Halloween party.

A once empty street near the station instantly becomes a bustling festival of all things Halloween. Everyone is wearing a costume. Music is playing. Decorations are placed everywhere. Chairs and mirrors are set up to help do Halloween makeup, and there is a winding haunted "house" (given that it's not inside anything) with no noticeable entrance or exit. Water balloons filled with fake blood are present. This is the kind of thing that would end up YouTube.

The party goers have managed to shut down all public transportation to and from this area. Pao-Lin and Ivan are stranded among a increasingly enthusiastic and rowdy crowd. And who knows if any NEXTs are around to create a little more Halloween atmosphere?

Ivan's not in a costume, but he wears worry all over his face.

... I think we're in trouble...
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[ The target is Jacob Lane, a business man working in the fashion industry. Sources indicated that a portion of his profits were going underground to an anti-NEXT organization and that he might be a gatekeeper into that group. It's a trusted source of information. Ivan had a previous mission shapeshifted into a model in a runway show. (A... lingerie runway show much to Ivan's displeasure, only mitigated by the fact that it was someone else's body doing the modeling and not him.)

If they wanted to take out Lane, it would have been easy to do, but no, Ouroboros has bigger plans. They want entrance into that organization and names of more from the group. Lane is due to get brand new table for his large office, where he also entertains small groups. Possibly not all fashion and business related.

Pao-Lin is part of the table delivery, as is Ivan, to see if they can locate where important files may be stored for later retrieval. However, once they got wind of a possible meeting after, the plans changed. Why waste a table on a NEXT Hater when they can not only get the information they need and get a very nice table?


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