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[ It's Halloween, late afternoon when the heroes are done with training for the day. Pao-Lin came up with the idea to get those yummy pudding cups and invited Ivan to go with her. A monorail ride and a lift to the Silver Stage brings them to dessert bakery. They order their pudding to go and leave... only to have what Ivan can only call a flash Halloween party.

A once empty street near the station instantly becomes a bustling festival of all things Halloween. Everyone is wearing a costume. Music is playing. Decorations are placed everywhere. Chairs and mirrors are set up to help do Halloween makeup, and there is a winding haunted "house" (given that it's not inside anything) with no noticeable entrance or exit. Water balloons filled with fake blood are present. This is the kind of thing that would end up YouTube.

The party goers have managed to shut down all public transportation to and from this area. Pao-Lin and Ivan are stranded among a increasingly enthusiastic and rowdy crowd. And who knows if any NEXTs are around to create a little more Halloween atmosphere?

Ivan's not in a costume, but he wears worry all over his face.

... I think we're in trouble...
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[ A news report just happens to catch Ivan's ears when mentions it the opening of a brand new cafe, the likes of which found its start in Japan. Ivan freezes in his tracks upon that magical word. A cafe started in Japan? He has to go there! He remains in the middle of the sidewalk and watches two reporters coo over petting rabbits as they also enjoy drinks and snacks. They look very happy.

Ivan quickly jots down the name of the place, and back at the training room, he does a search for the bunny cafe on his phone. Oh. It looks to be on the Silver Stage, a small distance away from most of the stations. That makes it a little harder to visit.

So, either a taxi for on foot... How much would a taxi even cost me...?


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