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TFLN: Makeovers prevents phone disasters

[[ OOC: Continuation of this thread. ]]

[ Ivan stands at the sidewalk in front of the Lyles' house on Gold Stage, looking towards the front door but not immediately approaching. In his hands is a small bag containing some green tea cookies and two bottles of tea. It's only polite to bring something when visiting someone's house. At least, that's how it is done in Japan. Ivan has little first hand experience with these things.

About three more minutes are still needed before Ivan gathers enough courage to walk up to the door and ring the doorbell. He hopes Karina is the one who answers. There will be less explaining to do, he thinks.
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looks great to me!

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( Fortunately it is Karina that opens the door, looking way to excited for what they're about to do. )

Hey, Origami! I've been expecting you. ( She stands aside to let him into the house, her gaze dropping to the bag. )

Oh! You didn't have to bring anything but if you want you can leave your stuff in my room before we head out.

( And then she lingers in the hallway as she awaits her response before she goes one way or another. )
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Yeah. ( She nods in agreement. ) The kitchen might work best for those. I'll still show you where to leave them, though.

( And she turns in order to start walking down the hall, leading him to the kitchen. There's a lot of photos on the walls, mostly of Karina in her pre-Hero days. )

Did you get here okay?
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ahaha that is okay! i have been out for most of this past week anyway...

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( That's... she's not entirely sure what to make of that statement of information apart from it's a start. )

Um, I was asking more about you, personally, but I'm glad that you didn't break another phone.

( Actually, that gives her something to think about. She goes to fill up a bottle of water at the sink, and as she does so, she asks: )

Do most of your clothes have pockets?
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No, no, no... ( She shakes her head swiftly. ) I think the problem is you either have too much stuff, or not enough pockets. What kind of stuff are you taking around? Maybe you should use a bag.

( Then again with Origami's apparent luck he would probably get robbed. She looks over at him. )

What do you think?
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( ... She decides that she's not even going to ask what in the world he's carrying with him. ) All right, we'll add a bag to the list of things to shop for. ( From a nearby table, she picks up her hat and pulls it down over her hair. )

You ready?
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( Karina chooses that moment to Origami with a grin. )


( But with that being said, she rattles off directions to a slightly upmarket mall further along the Gold district. It should be affordable, but barely, since Karina predominantly has her own income in mind right now. )

You know the place?