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Gotta get a boss table for the boss chair

[ The target is Jacob Lane, a business man working in the fashion industry. Sources indicated that a portion of his profits were going underground to an anti-NEXT organization and that he might be a gatekeeper into that group. It's a trusted source of information. Ivan had a previous mission shapeshifted into a model in a runway show. (A... lingerie runway show much to Ivan's displeasure, only mitigated by the fact that it was someone else's body doing the modeling and not him.)

If they wanted to take out Lane, it would have been easy to do, but no, Ouroboros has bigger plans. They want entrance into that organization and names of more from the group. Lane is due to get brand new table for his large office, where he also entertains small groups. Possibly not all fashion and business related.

Pao-Lin is part of the table delivery, as is Ivan, to see if they can locate where important files may be stored for later retrieval. However, once they got wind of a possible meeting after, the plans changed. Why waste a table on a NEXT Hater when they can not only get the information they need and get a very nice table?
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[It is, indeed, a very nice table -- Lane insists on only the finest for his office. Pao-Lin doesn't see what's so special about this particular table, but the two could use something better than their thrift store fold-out table in their Ourolounge. They could put their TV on it...! Well, if they could come get it back to HQ after everything was said and done.

At the moment, however, it's no play and all work. Ivan is in place as Lane's new meeting table. Pao-Lin has stuffed herself inside one of Lane's oversized cloisonne vases framing either side of his desk; fortunately for her, it turns out the man loves to show off his Sinophilia (even his new table features Chinese-style scrollwork and carvings). Unfortunately for her, even someone as flexible as this girl is finding the vase a rather uncomfortable fit. But there's nowhere else she could feasibly hide in the office. With the meeting being last-minute knowledge, having been discovered after their mission went live, there wasn't time to have someone from HQ drop off a bug. The only bugs in this room are the tiny dead ones in the vase that Pao-Lin's hiding in. Ewww.

There's a tense silence for a few minutes as the Ouroboros operatives wait for showtime. Then the office doors open, followed by the sound of footsteps hushed by plush carpet...]
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[Pao-Lin has her phone out and a new text already opened, waiting to receive info. She thumbs in silvia summers main vsitor?? and sends it. As best as she can, she'll be sending rapid-fire messages back to HQ with bits and pieces of info. It'll likely be disjointed, with lots of corrections as the situation reveals itself, but it's better than suddenly losing half a report because of interruptions or something else. Too, Pao-Lin finds note-taking even more of a tedious task than simply waiting around. She doesn't really have a mind for that kind of thing. But in this situation she doesn't have a choice but to listen and report.

Summers is the only one who's spoken so far, but when she's seated, there is far too much accompanying noise for her to have come alone. It's difficult for Pao-Lin to tell from this just how many others there are, though. Perhaps Ivan might have a better idea? Well, she'd find out as the meeting went on, anyway.

"Thank you for having us here," Summers says. "We at Citizens For a Natural Sternbild deeply appreciate everything you've done for us so far."

What a disgustingly deceptive name -- one might assume it to be an environmental organization at an initial glance. In truth, however, it's derived from the idea that NEXTs are unnatural...and thus not worthy of inclusion in Sternbild.

"I am always happy to contribute to a good cause," Lane says. A slight pause. "Now, I know you, but I don't believe I've met these folks before..."]
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[new recruits: aubry mills, koleena roth, luisa castiyo texts Pao-Lin. She's fairly certain she spelled some of the names wrong, but this should be close enough for now. were at hero acad. accdnet last week. It was a pretty sad accident, but she only feels a general sort of sorrow regarding it, the kind of sorrow that happens when one's faith in the horrendousness of the world (or, well, non-NEXTs, in this instance) continues to be affirmed. On the other hand, she knows that the news really hit Ivan particularly hard due to his background. Not that he let on with the rest of Ouroboros, of course; he couldn't risk them doubting his loyalties. But when it was just him and Pao-Lin...well. Pao-Lin wonders if she'll get a chance to zap these anti-NEXT losers to a crisp for him.

"I see," Lane muses. "Well, it is a pleasure to meet all of you, as well. Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourselves?"

A short silence, presumably from the recruits wondering who should go first.

"I'll go," an almost whispery voice says. Surely this cannot be the voice of a NEXT hater committed enough to the cause to see through actual deaths? "I'm Luisa -- well, I guess you know that already. Right now I just work at a grocery store, but I got my degree in accounting."

"Accounting, you say? Yes...I think we may have a future opening soon here for an accountant. Do you have any work experience in your degree?"

"Two internships, one at the First Sternbild Bank. Then I had a job doing accounting for a restaurant."

"And how did you hear about Citizens for a Natural Sternbild?"

"Oh, someone was passing out flyers at a rave I went to."

Pao-Lin's eyebrows go up at that. That...is not a conventional way for a hate organization to advertise, is it? She's vaguely aware that sometimes representatives of similar organizations do protests and such on college campuses, but...]
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[Roth, like Castillo, speaks on the soft side, but in her case she sounds like a bored...no, like a bitter teenager.

"NEXTs have been causing shit for my family for years," she says. "We lost our first house because a damn fire NEXT lost his temper, and then a creepy NEXT at my high school wouldn't leave my baby sister alone -- he kept showing up at our house and using his neck-stretching power to look through our windows. Then a family with a NEXT baby moved in next door to us and her crying kept breaking our windows. We protested to the landlady but she said she wouldn't 'discriminate' against NEXTs." She huffs. "I don't have anything against NEXTs technically, but there has to be more protection or compensation for normal people for dealing with them. We couldn't afford to move away from there."

Lane chuckles. "You have a refreshing candor and an unfortunately-familiar story. I myself was almost killed by a NEXT with wind powers who was, shall we say, overenthusiastic about using them while playing in the park one day." There's the sound of papers being rifled through, then some sheets being passed out. "Very well. Before we proceed further, I'd like you all to just sign this nondisclosure agreement."

Pao-Lin perks up at that in the middle of texting information about Roth. An NDA? This is serious shit.]
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I didn't have anyone figured out either so that's just peachy

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[There's a startled pause before Lane responds. "Well...of course the nature of our work is quite sensitive," he says. "Surely you must have picked up on that working with Ms. Summers."

"Y-yes, I know. Just...I have a couple of questions, that's all."

"If that's the case, you can certainly ask. But without having signed this nondisclosure, I can't guarantee that I can answer."

"I understand."

Castillo's questions actually start out quite pedantic, nitpicking the legalese of the agreement. It seems like she is legitimately trying to understand the terms she's getting herself into, from start to finish. Towards the end, however, she asks a somewhat telling question.

"Okay, um...I'm not seeing here what the specific terms are for breaking this nondisclosure," Castillo says.

Lane's chuckle is strained. Throughout Castillo's questioning, he's sounded like he was losing a little bit of patience with her. "I can't imagine it matters as long as you're not planning on doing anything of that sort," he replies, a little sharply.

"Legal action," Summers cuts in. She, too, seems to be slightly exasperated. "We'll be able to pursue financial damages for breach of contract."

"Has anyone ever broken one before?"

"Would you want to go up against Aphrodite Apparel?"

"Well, no, but..."

An exhale. "Miss Castillo. I appreciate your concern for the details, but we do need to move on to more important issues."

Pao-Lin, too, just wishes this girl would sign the thing already. She doesn't want to stay in this stupid vase for any longer than she has to.]
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["The Hero Academy?" Roth asks. "Really?"

"You sound surprised, Miss Roth," says Summers.

"Well, I mean...that's kind of..."

"Obvious?" Castillo suggests.

"Yeah! I mean...if something happens there, the police are going to be -- "

"No need to worry," Lane cuts in. "We're approaching this project with a delicate touch. Taking things too hard and too fast will have...unfortunate consequences...all around."

His accidental innuendo earns a stifled snicker from Roth (and possibly glances from the other people in the room). Pao-Lin, meanwhile, is more grimly amused by the irony that Ouroboros might have to save the very NEXTs who were planning on opposing them one day. Not that she holds any particular enmity or disdain towards the Academy students, but she thinks Miss Kriem and Mister Jake might find it funny. She dutifully texts back to HQ as the discussion continues.

The plan seems to be modeled on the idea of dropping enough straws on a camel to break its back, as it spans multiple weeks and involves things such as (but not limited to) compromising the nearby sewer system to foul the water that the school uses, introducing contaminated food into the cafeteria, and hiring local gangs to vandalize property -- and maybe more than a couple of students. Give the group some credit for subtlety: it'd look suspicious if they engineered another "unfortunate" accident at the school or attempted to burn down the entire building with the students still in it. This way, the events appear disconnected from any anti-NEXT sentiment while still tarnishing the image of the Hero Academy.

"I realize this may seem like quite a grand project," says Lane, "but it is representative of the kind of work we hope to be doing in the future. This, more than anything you may have done for Ms. Summers up to this point, is the test of your commitment to the cause."]
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let's get some badassery up in here

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[Ivan's words silence the current conversation as easily as a mute button on a remote.

"Did -- did you hear something just now?" Summers asks.

"Yeah," Mills says. "But who...?"

Pao-Lin has paused in her texting, both curious and concerned (mostly the former) about Ivan speaking out of turn. He must really be upset, huh? As his handler, she should probably be chastising him for letting his emotions get in the way of their mission, but honestly Pao-Lin appreciates the change of pace from all this tedious listening and transcribing. Besides, they've learned enough to take action, she thinks. Though killing the anti-NEXTers is out of the question for the moment until she and Ivan can squeeze as much information out of them as possible. They do still have to go through Lane's drawers and pick up some paperwork, and experience has taught her that sometimes paperwork needs context from those in the know.

The man in question, meanwhile, has risen from his seat and started walking around, presumably to check all corners and crannies of his office for the source of the mysterious voice. That's what Pao-Lin is assuming, at least, since she can't see anything from inside the vase she's crammed in. And with the carpeted floors, Lane's footsteps are difficult to hear -- but not impossible.

Still, it catches her a little by surprise when Lane's face suddenly appears over the edge of the vase's opening. "You! Who are -- "

Pao-Lin flings her cell phone straight up, clocking Lane in the nose with it. A little less gracefully, she manages to pop her upper torso out of the vase just in time to slap an electrified palm to Lane's chest, temporarily paralyzing him. As he slumps to the floor, she pulls the rest of herself out and lands on Lane's back, her hand still crackling with lightning.


A bullet embeds itself into the wall behind Lane's expensive desk.

A line of blood appears on Pao-Lin's cheek from where the bullet grazed it.

"I see we have a NEXT rat here," Summers snarls, a gun in her manicured hand. "I suppose you must be from Ouroboros?"

Pao-Lin only responds by lashing out at the woman with a bolt of lightning.


Summers yelps from the shock, dropping her weapon. Roth reaches inside her jacket for something, but before she can reveal the trick up her sleeve Pao-Lin grabs the edge of the table -- of Ivan -- and flips it in her direction.]
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that's going to be our phrase for Pao-Lin going postal

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Wow, another NEXT, huh? [Pao-Lin grins.] Nice job getting so close to these guys! You should come join Ouroboros.

[Castillo looks taken aback. "J-join...? I don't think that's...I mean, no offense, but..."

"I doubt you're here to do recruitment," Summers drones, her voice slightly shaky. She's pulled herself back up from Pao-Lin's lightning bolt and even has her gun back in her hand, aimed at Pao-Lin.

Pao-Lin, for her part, is more annoyed than concerned about the instrument of death pointed squarely at her. If they didn't need Summers around for questioning she would have killed the bitch as soon as their cover had been blown.]

You're right. We're not.

[A blue glow flares around her again as electricity sparkles in her hands --

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, you little electric rat," Summers snarls. She reaches behind her back and pulls out another gun...pointing it at Ivan this time. "Not if you want -- "

Pao-Lin doesn't even let her finish. She throws out a hand and sends a lightning dragon roaring at Summers.


The woman screams in pain before she drops to the ground, unmoving. Castillo screams in fear, dropping against the wall for support as her legs fail her.]
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that just makes me think of bike!Ivan getting a flat tire

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["But -- but I didn't want to kill them!" Castillo wails. "I just...we were supposed to just get enough evidence to bring them to court..."]


[Castillo starts to clarify, but upon remembering that there are still conscious anti-NEXTers in the room, quickly falls silent. Pao-Lin just shrugs.]

Well, whatever. You should still come join us. [She heads for Lane's desk, walking around Summers' corpse and past Lane's unconscious (but still breathing) body, picking up dropped papers from her table-flipping along the way.

"But you're criminals..." says Castillo, uncertainly.]
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Ivan leads a holey life

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[With her lips a tight line of indignance, Castillo falls silent for the moment. She looks like she wants to say more, but it's difficult to argue against Ivan's recitation of reality.

At Lane's desk, Pao-Lin snatches a candy from a crystal-cut glass dish and pops it into her mouth before beginning her investigation into the paperwork, yanking open drawers and loudly rifling through. A couple of things she instantly recognizes as important, and she tosses those onto the desk. With others, however...]

Hey I -- [She quickly clamps down on using Ivan's name.] -- uh, I'm not sure what these are. Wanna take a look?

[It might seem strange for a handler to have to ask her charge for help on handling sensitive information, but this kind of thing has never been Pao-Lin's forte. She's gotten better at it over the years, has forced herself to get better at it to better teach and protect Ivan, but most of it still goes over her head.]
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[Pao-Lin lets Ivan's question hang in the air as she grabs a leather briefcase from the floor and opens it, emptying out the contents.]

Give me those. We'll put them in here.

[She takes the pile of papers she set aside earlier and fits them into the plush interior of the briefcase (along with a few more candies from the glass dish. Hey, she's just taking care of business.]
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[At Ivan's inquiring look, Pao-Lin glances down at the briefcase full of corporate secrets with a furrowed brow, rearranging the contents to fit as she ponders their next move. It would be easier to just kill the rest of the people in the room and be done with it. If Pao-Lin had been alone, she would have moved onto that without hesitation. But she suspects that the killing still bothers Ivan after all this time. And if she has to be honest, maybe she's a little tired of it too. Not tired enough to abandon it as an option on the field, though, and certainly not enough for her to back down from it if it was required to protect Ivan. The other thing to consider is that Ouroboros could use another addition to the ranks, considering they just lost a couple of agents last week. Unlike some of the poor folks down at the Hero Academy, Castillo's power is moderately useful. Plus there's the fact that she's apparently allied with a different pro-NEXT organization. That's information Ouroboros could use as well.

With a sharp clack, Pao-Lin snaps the briefcase shut. She swings it off the desk with one hand and speedwalks over to Castillo, who ever so slightly edges away from her. Her voice is disturbingly, casually cheery as she asks:]

So, you wanna live or you wanna die?

[Castillo stares at her, bewildered. She clearly hadn't been expecting to have a choice in the matter. "Wh-what -- ?"]

It's like I said earlier: you should come join us. You have a really useful power. But we can't just let you go now that you've seen us.

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