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First Move Advantage

[ Matagi walks the black and white lands of the Otherworld with her large gunblade dragged behind her. The blade leaves a thin cut through the checkerboard tiles as she continues. She doesn't remember how she got here or how long it's been since she has. Raising her head to the monochrome sky, she wonders if she should find some kind of vantage point.

If she's back in the Otherworld, that means danger. Matagi isn't one of the stronger fighters in this place, and she'd like to avoid a fight and scout instead if it's possible.

Works great enough for me, mate. Thank you. =D

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(( Mood music! It might work, it might not, but at the time it was what I was listening to. |D ))

[Ah, yes. The Otherworld.]

[ is perhaps to be expected that she has a strange mix of conflicted feelings about the place. Vast, empty, barren...nothing save the ruins, and the fighters. Conflict. Not with purpose, but neither without it - unburdened combat.]

[On all occasions save a select few, of course.]

[Nevertheless... the sky above, the hanging moon in the distance, the howling wind... it is peaceful, and puts her at ease. Would that this were the only element of it all, that there were no complications to weigh them down.]

[Her rescue of Yomi from this place was ancient history. Vanquishing Dead Master, the same, though she recalls she hadn't really intended to do so. Or had she? Difficult to recall. Irrelevant besides. She had only the most distant of feelings for those events now; they were removed from present near as Black★Rock Shooter could be said to have any.]

[There is a certain surety in this place. Comfort. But there is also a feeling of unease, seemingly contradictory, yet there all the same. It's not something she can really trace, and even trying makes her recoil...yet simmer with anger at the same time. Is there something she must face here? couldn't be so.]

[The feeling of being alone in the world. She hadn't thought she would cherish it so much...nor feel so disturbed by the idea of it being destroyed somehow. It was not out of dread for the other fighters, though there was a twinge of something resembling fear when she considered thoughts of them - not fear to lose, nor even truly fear to fight [or was there?], but a desire to avoid conflict with them at all. This was their world; they were a part of its purety. She cannot truly feel as though she belongs here. She has hunger now, and it beckons her to greater things.]

[She has been tainted.]

[She accepts this, though not without a faint feeling of sadness. Nevertheless, there is more, and now she is too. It would be senseless to turn her back on it.]

[One thing can be said of her: she is in no hurry to go anywhere. When she travels through the Otherworld, it is leisurely - there are no set destinations in mind, nor a haste to escape. It must be done, yes, but...home was once so far away. She could enjoy its embrace for a time.]

[She sits upon a small rock formation, gazing up at the sky and moon above her...drinking in the air. It is peaceful here, though it is a peace that no human could recognize or appreciate. All is right. There is so much right here.]

[So why is there also a feeling of something wrong? Something out of place?, not just one thing, but many. Too many.]


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[ ! ]

[Over there?, nothing.]


[but as ready as she was to make that judgment, it doesn't seem to stick. Her attention keeps getting pulled that way, and despite her efforts, she can't seem to divert it. Not that she has any real reason to, and perhaps that's the problem.]

[That being said, she was drinking up the atmosphere of this place, of her home, and would have continued doing so until ready to seek exit. She would've desired to keep doing so...but this- sense, this distraction. It could mean a forthcoming contest.]

[Too early in the day for such things, but, so it goes.]

[The chasm is only a matter of strides away, over relatively flat and easily traversable ground. There's the possibility of ambush if the opponent is fast or clever...]

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[...but perhaps the diversion will be welcome after all.]

[She hefts her Rock Cannon along, not quite battle-ready, on her leisurely approach to the crevasse.]

[Not totally unwary, but also not truly expecting anything. Perhaps this will simply have been her own instinct gone awry.]
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Now that I'm over the sick, some purple. [Narrative] - [/2]

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[and wouldn't you know it]

[The moment Matagi begins to move, Shooter's expression hardens and her face turns toward the rock formation - as surely as if her name had been called aloud. She could easily fire off a volley to flush out whoever's hidden there; indeed, she is tempted to do so, even with the understanding that the weakest of Otherworlders would be skilled enough to prevent significant harm to themselves.]

[Yet, she does not. No explanation offered or owed, even to herself. She does not desire a battle yet.]

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[Unconcerned about her voice carrying or echoing in the emptiness, she calls it out, though it is well shy of an exclamation. It is very clearly an order, and just as clearly, she expects it followed.]

[Well, that, or she expects an assault - but best not to drop any undue hints for the latter.]
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[What comes footsteps. Specifically, the sound of those heeled black boots making fall against the rock. This narrator is unaware of the acuteness of Matagi's hearing; you'd have to be the one to decide if she picks it up, especially with the wind that's starting to kick up. That metal straining and those other sounds, too; where are they coming from?]

[Shooter approaches, though just as leisurely as before. Curiosity's the main motivator now, though she is still slightly wary, slightly jumpy - the concern that this situation may be more than it seems, that there's a trap and a clever foe underneath it all.]

[And underneath it all, she might secretly be fearing something else.]

[Perhaps foolishly, she keeps her cannon to the side, not particularly battle-ready this time. She steps and jumps around faults in the terrain where necessary, but does not pick speed.]

[She approaches Matagi's position...picking a path around, after a certain distance, to put the other girl in sight.]

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[... ...]


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[...but she calms as she takes in the sight. No threat does she feel from this one. There may even be a contrary effect, here... there is recognition. She knows, somehow.]

[This one will not fight first.]

[Shooter, on the other hand, might.]

[The urge is there. Fighting is what they do; it's who they are. It's the shape of this world, and of its very soul. It is...natural communion between those who are here.]

[But she does not choose it yet.]


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[True enough, but the one command given was the one command she deemed necessary. No others seem to be forthcoming. When Matagi's in full view - when the other fighter can be seen, in her entirety - Shooter's primary aim is to observe. Whether or not Matagi does anything to be deemed worth observing...almost isn't even really relevant for that. Shooter wants to see just so she can see.]

[She'll approach until she's reached a comfortable vantage point, one that puts them only a short distance from one another - enough to cover in a few running strides, but not so close that Matagi would find difficulty retreating if she so chose. A quick step off and she'd be gone the split-instant before Shooter could reach her.]

[...Her eyes will look into your own.]

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[...You. Yes, I know you.]

[Why are you here, though? I did not expect to see you.]

[...The wind stirs her pigtails and black jacket with appropriate dramatic flair, not that she takes notice.]


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[oh, don't worry, there are clouds. The feeling may be distinctly off (like, saying, being in a familiar house but the colors and furniture are all wrong), but by appearances, it's identical to the Old World.]

[meanwhile, surprise. Just a dusting of it on your local Shooter, accompanied by a quick blink. Your vocal response has brought a smidgeon of extra awareness to her, it seems...and that might well be fair, considering she hadn't heard another's speaking besides her own.]

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[Give her a moment, this "talking" thing is proving difficult. There was no need for it out here; on the contrary, unnecessary noise and attracting attention etc.]

[She does indeed close her eyes after a time, seemingly sifting through what she means to say...]

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In a moment's time.

...What would you be doing if you hadn't stopped?

[As the font may imply, her voice sounds "off" compared to other Shooters you may have none. Several voices speaking from the same mouth, at once with the same tones and inflections, overlaid atop one another and covered with a steelish mechanical drone.]

[Despite this, it's not necessarily unpleasant to listen to - but it may not sound 'natural' to those accustomed to human voices.]


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You will not die.

I do not intend to harm you as long as you do not challenge me.

[The blunt truth of it. She doesn't believe Matagi will, after all. and really, that trait of Matagi's has always seemed to put the less-crazy Otherworlders off their guard.]

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[AND SPEAKING OF OFF-GUARD. That pair of questions, oh boy. There's something in her suggesting that this degree of absurdity is actually normalcy in your case, but even for this particular Rock Shooter, it feels out of left field.]

[Eat people? Why would you...?]
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[And then her expression manifests unexpected emotion - something akin to panic, and definite confusion. Looking at the question too deeply seems to have unearthed something.]

[...with an effort...]


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N... no. not consu--

[stops short]


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[...This face, but with the mouth just. slightly. open. that's as close to are-you-freaking-serious as she's gotten to date.]

[It is also a feeling that leads her to wonder why she ever took you seriously as a potential threat in the first place. Certainly you would be better use at fighting than speaking, unless the purpose were to bewilder someone.]

[If that was indeed your aim, you're cleverer than you look. She's not convinced yet.]

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... [So let's just...move away from the subject because it is clearly absurd and going nowhere.]

You do not seem as though you belong here. Yet, you are a more ready match for the world than I. [Quite the admission, but she can see no risk to it. None greater than speaking with you in the first place.]

Why are you here, Matagi?

[Not Black★Matagi, as may be considered proper or formal even among their kind. Just "Matagi."]

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Then you are as I. [Not altogether the same, but...there is similarity enough for Shooter to take for granted, at least as she sees it. There are tendrils that cling to the back of the mind, wisps of memory in mind and heart - something that part of her is eager to wash away, like the remnants of a bad dream.]

[She, too, has the feeling - of course she does - of being somewhere other than here. Too many 'somewheres,' she would say.]

What will you seek now?

[Shooter hasn't necessarily answered that question for herself, but perhaps hearing it from you...]


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[...Aimless. No doubt you would do just as you say, and again if she left you to it. The Otherworld as she knows it is vast and empty; that was the way, the eternal shape and beauty of that which contained them. Few places carried weight, and even they were often connected to the warriors inhabiting them.]

[But this was not such a place, was it? ...When she looked deeply enough, she knew better. This looked like the Otherworld, but...there was something else. Something she could only just sense when she pushed deeply enough, within herself and her own heart. She could have attributed it to her own differences; the anomalies within her own self that, themselves, did not match up with where she seemed to come from, and what she seemed to know and take for granted as rightful history.]

[It could simply be her own inner hunger.]

[For that matter, it could also be cause to consider Black★Matagi's presence a misfortune. She was one of the few (perhaps the only one) among the fighters who would not have sought contest on sight. And yet...if there was something truly amiss here, would this fool sense it?]

[...fool or not, there is reassurance in her presence - and perhaps the faintest, briefest trace of regret felt by Shooter toward her own harsh judgment. Even if her power was lacking, Matagi was a possible ally in this place...and what Shooter's heart knew of her also knew that trickery was beyond her. It would not do to underestimate the value of that.]

[This one could have her uses.]

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I require your presence, Matagi. I want you to come with me.

[Just like that. Not that Shooter has any idea where to go either, but she'd sooner trust her own instincts.]


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[...that is the question, isn't it. without direction, what could they accomplish here? nothing that justifies their coming together instead of remaining separate.]

[but instinct... instinct could provide the answer. assuming we manage to dig past the layers of wrongness, first.]


The canyons. We must go there.

[She might be referring to the chasm next to you. It's an awful long way down, though...enough that blackness greets you when you look there. No telling how deep it is.]

[Not that it's a problem for Otherworlders if all that awaits them is rock.]

Possibly more appropriate than it seems, depending on development. :]b

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[Two answers surface at once. Part of her strongly desires for Matagi to remain with her; an inexplicable need to keep her close by. Shooter can certainly handle this place by herself - it isn't out of any perceived weakness or vulnerability. She simply wants the two of them to remain together.]

[And at the same time, she can admit to the practicality of the alternative. Matagi is a scout. One could question what need there could be for that role in a place of personal duels, makes sense that she would be most useful in an alliance, serving a stronger fighter since she wasn't one herself. It was almost as though she were designed to be a tool.]

[At least in her opinion.]

[And she would be remiss in not putting that tool to proper use.]

Move ahead of me...

... keep me in sight.

[A functional compromise, yes?]

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[After the scout jumps in, Shooter follows in much the same manner. An easy sprint, one designed to keep the other in sight...but not surpass, at least not at this time. It is no contest, and purposes are better served with her back here.]

[They move on.]

[Rocky cliffs form two walls on either side of you, continuing some distance upward - a difficult climb for a human, though it would take either of them mere seconds. Darkness obscures the path ahead, though you're able to see some distance up to a point. The checkerboard itself gives way to natural surface, at least on the floor - the one in the sky is more vivid, though it occasionally fades out, leaving behind darkened sky and smoke-like clouds.]

[Something will turn up.]
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