sponsorigami: icon of Ivan looking upwards (折紙 Didn't know Blue Rose could do that)
Ivan Karelin // Origami Cyclone ([personal profile] sponsorigami) wrote in [community profile] kokyreforest2015-01-18 03:47 pm

Heroes are people too

[ It's a pleasant day in Stern Bild, and Ivan found himself with a bit of free time. Rather than spending it indoors like he might normally do, he decides to take a walk. The weather is nice and the fresh air (well, as fresh of air as one can get in a three stage metropolis) could do him some good. Even if he does his heroics outdoors, he doesn't get a chance to stop and smell the roses when on duty.

So, with his hands in his jacket pockets, Ivan meanders about and looks at the different store fronts as he passes.

Little does he know that he'll be crossing paths with someone real soon.

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