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PSL Plottings

Feel free to use this page to plot out PSL ideas. I'm more than happy to write a start once we have an idea for what we'd like to do.

Muse list for easy reference.

Writing this at a time I should be sleeping; apologies for babble and flubs.

[personal profile] pinkutau 2015-01-19 04:23 am (UTC)(link)
PSLs... I have no solid ideas at the time of writing, but I am quite willin' to play something out. Memes and past CR will generally be love, though I know that doesn't necessarily suggest much for plots.

I do have a Shooter now (at [personal profile] darkshooter, and I have often wondered how she and Matagi might get on. Not much of a plot idea in itself, but a curiosity of sorts.

Now that I'm thinkin' of it, I could...perhaps adapt the whole "'VDR'-in-ruins" plotline for a oneshot thread. Matagi would be ideal for the current germs I've got floatin' about, particularly if I bring in multiple muses. (Could also serve as an introduction to Shooter in less than ideal circumstances.)

(Note that despite the title, it's essentially AU as far as VDR itself is concerned - moreso than usual because it's part of a plot that never actually happened, and so I took to playing out some of those ideas in box form. As mentioned, an extension could be made here, though it's far from necessary.)

It's as near to a useful plot idea as I have at the moment, I'm afraid. :'D

[personal profile] darkshooter 2015-02-01 10:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Took me a week to get back to this - my apologies; work and deadbrain, usual suspects.

That all sounds quite nice to me, if it's the sort of thing you'd enjoy as well and can work with. :3

Are there any other details you'd like to put in? Strange place, by itself, provides plenty of inspiration. I even got one thought - maybe it could be similar to that old VDR thing and be Echoes of Otherworld, or something of the sort. (I realize it wouldn't have the same significance, but if you wanted it, it wouldn't be hard to do. :3)

Just babblin' here, mostly. How does it sound?

[personal profile] pinkutau 2015-02-06 05:05 am (UTC)(link)
All that sounds great to me, mate. Which box would you prefer for the hosting?

(If at any time you think of something you want to see done or put into the thread or overall plot[s], don't be afraid to bounce it my way. :D)
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[personal profile] phonedgunblade 2015-02-07 08:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Here it is. Let me know if I need to change anything.
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This is Tri, I'm just too lazy to switch journals.

[personal profile] puppypile 2015-01-19 06:43 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't know a lot of your characters! I can work with whoever you'd like to play. What sorts of settings would you like? We can always figure out an AU for one or both characters (might be needed for a few of my full-on fantasy characters), stick one or both of them in a different setting, or just smush a couple worlds together (easier to do for my urban fantasy or sci fi characters, I'd assume.)

My muselist is over here, and I'd been specifically looking for opportunities to play some of these characters if any of them catch your interest. I could also probably be talked into Elphaba, maybe Orihime, or Kitten.
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Overrated, that's what.

[personal profile] puppypile 2015-01-22 12:15 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, so, options! Here's a smidgeon of background on characters etc. I'm pretty indecisive about my own characters and would like you to play with someone you're interested in!

On that list we have Rosie, a cursed princess being raised by a couple of fairies out in a small town with no idea of her identity. She's super stubborn and can talk to animals. Her book is, as its title implies, a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, and her country has some odd magical quirks. She's my newest journal. Playing her will be an experiment, since I've never done it before.

We also have a couple of plant mages. Rosethorn is a prickly religious dedicate and teacher, and her student/foster-son Briar is a flirt of a teenage boy. (Rosethorn tends to wind up with a small herd of kids to teach, and she's likely to be intimidating to start with but she really does take care of them in the end.) The magic systems in their world are kind of cool, because you've got academic magic, which works through set spells, and ambient magic, which is magic drawn from an aspect of the natural world like plants or rocks or metals. Either of these two are ambient mages.

Dresden Files... I'll probably stay away from this version of Molly, because she's pretty mentally unbalanced and I'm already doing one thread with her at the moment; let's not overwhelm me. So you've got badass mom of 7 married to a holy knight or badass cop from the not-so-respected division all the odd supernatural cases get shoved to.

Neville is Neville. He's new, and I'm not sure how well I'll do with him long term since I haven't really gotten to try him out yet.

Hadand is a knife-fighting queen, part of a militaristic nobility, and trained in castle defense. I love the Inda books SO MUCH, but they're awfully dense and detailed in terms of cultural worldbuilding. The detail and care taken with the worldbuilding is one of my favorite things about them, so I feel like it's hard to AU people in without knowledge of the series.

In terms of your characters, Tsuruhime can probably pretty easily be worked into anything, I would think. Circle of Magic, I'd most likely put her from some slightly different magical tradition, maybe as someone they encountered on their travels in Gygongxe, a country with a lot of connection to various gods. Tons of religions have shrines there, many of them not canonly described, so it's easy enough to add one more. Dresden Files has the occasional seer as well as faith-based power, so she can be tweaked to fit in there. Karrin could meet her on a case, or Charity could meet her via Michael helping her or her being referred to Father Forthill (who is Catholic but very tolerant of other religions). And Spindle's End has sort of odd takes on religion, because the people basically think of God as some sort of superfairy whose existence they never see any actual proof of. Priests brought their religion into the country, and the country only sort of took to it. We could alter it a little so the priests aren't all men to replicate the shrine thing, or she could just come from another country. There's also a canon seer, so I could give you more detail on that.

Your Ivan (from the bit of stalking I did) always seemed completely delightful, so I'd really love threads with him. He's just not quite as obvious a fit into AUs if you want him to keep his original powers. Circle of Magic is the wrong Tamora Pierce series for that; a shapeshifter would fit great in Kitten's and probably wind up apprenticed to her adoptive mother. None of these are big with the shapeshifting. Fairies in Spindle's End certainly can, if they have the knack for it, and Dresden Files just has things like werewolves etc. We could rework either Ivan's power or the magic systems for Dresden Files or Circle of Magic if you'd like, though!
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[personal profile] mimbletone 2015-01-30 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
Illusions are definitely doable Dresdenverse wise. Someone better at illusions than Molly! And he could certainly keep some degree of shapeshifting in Spindle's End. Magic there is weird and has a mind of its own; it sometimes even shapechanges things without any prompting. We can do pretty much whatever we want.

I'm picturing the forge (because Rosie somehow befriended the stoic silent local blacksmith) with not one but TWO ridiculous trouble-attracting girls around it. Poor Narl. And poor Aunt and Katriona and Barder, who do quite enough worrying over keeping an unaware Rosie safe from an evil fairy. Let's get her in more mischief. XD (Rosie was never an easy child, but she does love her surrogate family.)

Karrin as mentor would be great! I'd really enjoy that. Charity has really close ties with a local church with a clued-in priest who recognizes the supernatural when he sees it. If someone needed help that didn't seem to fit with his usual channels, Father Forthill might refer them to Michael and Charity?

(I want everyone to read Inda. It takes a little while to get into, but it has a huge cast of dimensional characters, makes sure to develop a few people who could've been played off as simple antagonists, and puts a ton of detail into the world itself.

If you want an easy read by the same author, Crown Duel is set in the same world, a couple thousand years apart, and is a shorter and less dense YA novel.)

So yes, I am happy to go any of these directions. They all sound great, and I can dig up extra world information as needed.
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[personal profile] infinitearrows 2015-01-30 06:07 am (UTC)(link)
Oh yes! Let's do Rosie and Tsuruhime get into all kinds of trouble. I love that idea, and I read your plurk with all the quotes on the magic. It sounds like a very crazy mess of a system that would be fun to play with. Perhaps Rosie can find Tsuruhime and bring her back to the forge (and getting into hijinks along the way). Or maybe they could already know each other, be sent on an errand of some kind, and then get into all kinds of hijinks.

Karrin and Ivan mentor-ish things can either be a later or second PSL. I think Ivan would be easier to AU into wanting to join/has joined the police force or something. I can't immediately think of how to get Tsuru involved with Karrin. She's more on the Charity side of things, I think.

(I will look for both Inda and Crown Duel and see if my local library has ebooks of them or physical copies.)
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[personal profile] charityandfaith 2015-02-04 01:42 am (UTC)(link)
Cool! Any preference on canonpoint/age for Rosie? I would ideally like her old enough to have started learning horse-doctoring, because I like her having, you know, a job and something of a sense of purpose. I believe she apprenticed to Narl at around age 18. The book covers her entire life to age 21, focusing most heavily on the last several years of that. And I can also go through the book once we get started and put you together a list of passages relevant to the country, the world's magic, etc.

The ninja and the aikido black belt in Special Investigations. I think I might need this.

(yes, good, do this. Crown Duel will most likely be there. A lot of people have read that. Inda is rarer, but I love it so much.)
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[personal profile] charityandfaith 2015-02-19 03:35 am (UTC)(link)
Sorry about the delay getting back to you. I'll finish going through my ebook of Spindle's End at some point this week, and I'll throw a google doc at you with passages and facts and things.

I can start something for Ivan and Karrin if that's easier. Setup-wise... Special Investigations gets a lot of its cops from people who've been disgraced in other divisions, as often because they ran into supernatural threats they couldn't explain as for any actually shameful reason. Ivan could have been unlucky enough to run into something like that just after joining the force. It'd be pretty rare for someone to DECIDE to join SI, but we could go that route too if you want. Karrin spends a lot of time in their offices at the police department, in the training rooms there, and at her aikido dojo, so I'd be fine with threads in any of those places. Up to you!

(Inda has much more detailed worldbuilding and a much bigger cast of characters, but I really love the thing with the trees in Crown Duel.)