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Bunnies and bunnies again

[ The fire at the animal shelter had been horrible. Not only were there panicked employees to save but also many animals. Hero TV made breaking live news of the first league's grand rescue. The only casualty was the building itself.

Sadly, that also means a lot of animals are displaced. Some are transferred to other shelters. Some are temporarily set up at volunteers' homes. Agnes knows a great PR opportunity when she sees one and starts to plan a donation and adoption drive. Among the shelter animals are four rabbits with no place to go to yet. They are ones Origami Cyclone saved. Once the cameras are off, Ivan looks at them in the box, sitting on an old towel and huddled together. They're still terrified.

He can't just leave them...

The four rabbits peek their heads out of the box once Ivan sets them down in the apartment he and Barnaby share. The shelter gave him some food and hay to last for a few days until they can transfer them to a more permanent location. Ivan knows he really should have asked Barnaby first, but there hadn't been the time. His transport was ready to leave, and the shelter staff already had their hands full with the larger, more vocal animals. He offered to help temporarily house the rabbits, and they let him fill out the form in his hero name and use Helperidese Finances as his address.

The bunnies finally start to relax because they hop out and sniff him curiously. For a while, Ivan lays there on the ground and lets them make the first moves. Ivan reaches out slowly to lay his hand atop of a brown bunny's head and starts gently petting him. The other three hop closer. It seems they realize he's the one who saved them from the fire. Smiling, Ivan's more than happy to pet more of them and let them hop all over him. Much better than seeing them cowering in fear.
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[ At this point in his career, it never surprises Barnaby when Agnes’ latest idea for a publicity stunt comes to light, but even he’s not sure how to feel about this one. Of course, even he is more than happy to help find homes for these animals, especially considering what happened… but he doesn’t think that he approves of people wanting to get one just because he’s holding a cute kitten and looking arguably cute himself doing so.

Naturally he’s the face of the campaign, despite all of his protests, and therefore he has to put in even longer hours at work on top of responding to a call whenever one goes out. Unfortunately, that means coming home late once again, and Barnaby is in a state of mind where he doesn’t want to do much more than eat a proper meal and crawl into bed. Being a hero is exhausting work on a normal day, but it’s been even worse than normal lately.

He’d automatically assumed that Ivan would already be home when he got there, but he hadn’t exactly expected that he’d have guests with him. Barnaby pauses by the door when he sees him and the rabbits, a response not automatically forthcoming. ]

… Ivan?

[ That doesn’t count as one. ]
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[ Barnaby thinks that it says something about their relationship when Ivan feels as though he can do something questionable first, and then ask for forgiveness later. If it wasn’t for the current circumstances that they were in the middle of, he might almost be proud, but confusion has completely taken over any other emotion that he might have felt at the moment. Hopefully it will soon fade, but there are so many questions he needs the answer to right now. ]

Will they? The bunnies already seem to be quite at home here with you.

[ Despite Barnaby’s incredibly cautious tone, he doesn’t seem angry about what has transpired here in his absence. That’s a point in Ivan’s favour, at least. ]
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[ Unsurprisingly, Barnaby has already resigned himself to the fact that these bunnies aren’t likely to be leaving their presence any time soon. Once Ivan becomes attached to something, especially when it’s cute, he has a hard time letting go. One might say that Barnaby himself is proof of this, though he’s not arrogant enough to say so himself… right? ]

I'm… sure that they will appreciate the effort that you’re going to. Do they need any further supplies?

[ Because taking care of business is what he does best, nevermind how clinical it sounds. However, he sounds very distracted when he spots one of the bunnies coming over towards him—uh oh, what does he do with it? Should he gently pick it up and cradle it…? Like this? He might be in trouble. ]