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Ivan Karelin // Origami Cyclone ([personal profile] sponsorigami) wrote in [community profile] kokyreforest2014-08-25 07:47 pm

Save the last dance for me

There is a lot of work to be done once more to rebuild the people's trust in Hero TV. First it had been Maverick, and now it is Schneider's mess. At the very least, the people seem to understand that the fault doesn't lie with the heroes themselves. They had suffered under them as well, though no one may know the full extent of how much of a plaything Schneider had considered the heroes and NEXTs.

But there is always room for improvement on public relations when events like this occur. (Especially for the sake of NEXTs) It's why the grand idea of holding a charity dinner ball to repair the parts of the city destroyed by Scott's attack was so popular among the staff. In record time, Agnes worked out all the details, and the charity dinner ball was a go with plenty of cameras to capture every moment.

As the hours drag on, it's harder to keep up the positive attitude the event started with. Dressed in a kimono, hakama, haori, geta, and Origami's helmet, Ivan stands near a wall, waiting for the night to finish. One detail--or three to be exact--is always overlooked for these things. He, Sky High, and Rock Bison haven't had a thing to eat because they can't remove their helmets or expose their identities. And by the time this night is over--Ivan looks at the nearby buffet table to see Dragon Kid eating plate after plate of food--there's probably not going to be a lot left, and it'll probably need to be reheated in a microwave.

However, going the night hungry isn't even the most upsetting of the event. This is a dinner ball. There's dancing, and Barnaby is the star dance partner of the night. Try as he might to avoid looking his boyfriend's way, Ivan sees Barnaby dancing with various women, even a few men, one after another.

... Ivan wants to be one of them. However, he knows that Barnaby Brooks Jr. and Origami Cyclone dancing together would be hot gossip news for numerous reason. Dancing with Tiger or Blue Rose wouldn't grab the same kind of headlines because it'd be more expected. Barnaby and Origami? Where did that come from?

If only they knew... Another guest cuts in and takes Barnaby's arm for the next song. Ivan drops his head and goes to chat with Dragon Kid. He's jealous. There is no other way to describe it. He wants to dance with his boyfriend...

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