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Save the last dance for me

There is a lot of work to be done once more to rebuild the people's trust in Hero TV. First it had been Maverick, and now it is Schneider's mess. At the very least, the people seem to understand that the fault doesn't lie with the heroes themselves. They had suffered under them as well, though no one may know the full extent of how much of a plaything Schneider had considered the heroes and NEXTs.

But there is always room for improvement on public relations when events like this occur. (Especially for the sake of NEXTs) It's why the grand idea of holding a charity dinner ball to repair the parts of the city destroyed by Scott's attack was so popular among the staff. In record time, Agnes worked out all the details, and the charity dinner ball was a go with plenty of cameras to capture every moment.

As the hours drag on, it's harder to keep up the positive attitude the event started with. Dressed in a kimono, hakama, haori, geta, and Origami's helmet, Ivan stands near a wall, waiting for the night to finish. One detail--or three to be exact--is always overlooked for these things. He, Sky High, and Rock Bison haven't had a thing to eat because they can't remove their helmets or expose their identities. And by the time this night is over--Ivan looks at the nearby buffet table to see Dragon Kid eating plate after plate of food--there's probably not going to be a lot left, and it'll probably need to be reheated in a microwave.

However, going the night hungry isn't even the most upsetting of the event. This is a dinner ball. There's dancing, and Barnaby is the star dance partner of the night. Try as he might to avoid looking his boyfriend's way, Ivan sees Barnaby dancing with various women, even a few men, one after another.

... Ivan wants to be one of them. However, he knows that Barnaby Brooks Jr. and Origami Cyclone dancing together would be hot gossip news for numerous reason. Dancing with Tiger or Blue Rose wouldn't grab the same kind of headlines because it'd be more expected. Barnaby and Origami? Where did that come from?

If only they knew... Another guest cuts in and takes Barnaby's arm for the next song. Ivan drops his head and goes to chat with Dragon Kid. He's jealous. There is no other way to describe it. He wants to dance with his boyfriend...
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While Barnaby doesn’t mind the publicity stunts and public relations events that HeroTV continuously puts on, especially in circumstances such as these, he can’t deny that they become exhausting after a while. Especially when the focus is on him and Kotetsu, and their “triumphant return” to the first league. Truth be told, he wouldn’t call it anything like that, but he highly doubts that he has any say in the matter. If he even thinks about pausing for a moment, Agnes suddenly appears with someone else to introduce him to, someone else that he should be dancing with.

The night drags on in this manner, and while he’s managing flawlessly to keep his public face on this whole time, on the inside Barnaby is exhausted. The crowd of people never seems to dwindle, even as it gets later and later into the evening. Not to mention that the photographers and paparazzi stop him for photos all the time, try and interview him, attempt to get soundbites… Truth be told, it’s an absolute nightmare, especially when he doesn’t want so much focus on him after what had happened with Schneider. It had been bad enough after Maverick.

Something that isn’t helping his mood either is the fact that he noticed a few hours ago that Ivan wasn’t having a good time. The only explanation that he could think of at the time was that it wasn’t his kind of event, which was fair enough, but regardless of the explanation Barnaby found himself wishing more and more that the two of them could skip out on the event entirely and go home together instead. At first he’d tried not to look over his way too often, but now he finds himself doing it quite a lot in an attempt to see what his boyfriend is currently doing…

Even if he’s currently with a dancing partner.
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[ There must be a lot of unfortunate and uncomfortable things that Ivan is forced to deal with, considering that he’s Barnaby’s boyfriend. It’s something that’s never far from Barnaby’s mind, too; sometimes he wonders if it’s really fair of him to ask so much of the other hero. It’s a big sacrifice to make on Ivan’s part, whereas Barnaby is used to the spotlight and not having anything of his being private.

Asking Ivan to live out their live together in complete secrecy, with hardly anyone knowing—there were times when Barnaby considered breaking it off, because Ivan deserved to be happy with someone that didn’t have to hide everything like he did. They couldn’t even dance together at a function like this because it would raise too many questions, and yet it was what he wanted to do the most out of everything. Of course he didn’t regret anything, not one bit… but he wondered if Ivan did.

There was no way to tactfully bring up the discussion, and so it had fallen by the wayside.

Finally it seems as though the guests are starting to leave, though naturally Barnaby can’t get away from it all that easily. It feels as though he’s bid farewell to half of Sternbild by the time Agnes finally gives him the all-clear to go. Most of the others have already left, but unsurprisingly, he finds that Ivan hasn’t yet. There’s still a few people lingering around, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to stop Barnaby from taking his place at Ivan’s side, and leaning down so that he can whisper in his ear. ]

Let’s go home.

[ There’s nowhere else he’d rather be, and no one else that he wants to be with after a long, exhausting night. ]
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[ Thankfully Barnaby isn’t rude enough to try and haul Ivan out of there without farewelling the other heroes first, no matter how exhausted he is. He acknowledges the remaining ones with a polite nod and a wave, not sure that he has enough energy left for anything else, before guiding Ivan out to the car. They still can’t really do anything out in public, but soon enough they’ll be home, and Barnaby is looking forward to it. ]

You looked rather miserable in there. Was it terrible for you, too?

[ Said with a small hint of amusement, because he’s beginning to realise that Ivan had just as much of a bad time as he did. Somehow it’s slightly surprising, but at least they have that in common. ]
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Considering that I wasn’t enjoying myself either, it was easier than normal to see the signs in you. Besides, I also know you rather well by now.

[ What Ivan may still not have realised is that his body language gives away a lot about him, especially to someone such as Barnaby, who people watches fairly regularly. For now he leaves the subject alone, and instead focuses on getting the two of them home. They’re both tired, and neither of them had the chance to eat anything, so he doesn’t intend to waste any time here.

He’d never thought that he would be so excited to see his parking garage in his life. Once he’s out of the car, naturally Barnaby goes over to the passenger side door and holds it open for Ivan too. Though, it makes him wonder: is he going to be able to make it inside like that…? Considering how tired he seems. ]
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I doubt that they would have noticed. Most of the people there were very preoccupied with… other things.

[ Namely, himself. And no, Barnaby didn’t look particularly happy about that fact. The reason why becomes clear when he gives Ivan his next answer. While this was their job, part of their contract, it still didn’t mean that he had to be completely happy about every single aspect of it. There was one thing in particular that bothered him, but he wasn’t sure that he could give the idea voice yet. Instead: ]

I didn’t. I could easily have thought of plenty of other things I'd rather do than that. I'm glad to be home.

[ Once Ivan has stepped out of the car and the door is locked behind them, he finds himself looking his boyfriend up and down. Those shoes can’t have been easy to walk in all this time, which prompts his next question. ]

Will you be alright to get inside?
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… Some of us have less further to go than others, by the looks of it.

[ Despite his rather dry comment in response, somehow Barnaby manages to catch Ivan before he topples over. As it so happens, it’s not particularly difficult to when your boyfriend decides to fall forward right into your arms. After the initial surprise has passed, he’s somewhat amused—somewhat. There’s some concern in there somewhere, as always, because how does he manage to keep getting himself into these situations? ]

Perhaps I should carry you all the way back?

[ At first it’s said in jest, but the more that Barnaby thinks about it, the better an idea it seems to be in his head. Oops. ]
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I don’t think that it would be wise to ruin your outfit. It won’t take long to get inside, so wouldn’t it be more prudent to let me help?

[ The problem with Ivan’s theory of just flat out doing it anyway is that Barnaby has a nice hold on him, and it doesn’t seem as though he’s going to let go of him any time soon. This could be for a number of reasons, truth be told, but not least of all because he’s actually rather enjoying being able to. The night has been too long for his liking, and he should have been able to do this sooner. He too wishes that they could have danced together, but the moment has passed.

This is an odd dance to be doing in the parking garage, but Barnaby is still insistent. ]
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That's what I thought. Now, this won't take very long. Please stand still.

[ Because as long as Ivan doesn't decide to turn from a princess into a damsel in distress, it shouldn't take long to get him inside at all. Without further delay, Barnaby picks Ivan up so that he can carry him comfortable in his arms, and brings him inside. Somehow, luck is on their side-- there's no one in sight, so there's no one to see the former King of Heroes behaving in such a manner.

Not that he cares as much as he should.

It's only once they get inside Barnaby's apartment that Ivan will find himself put down, and already Barnaby is attempting to pry his phone out of his rather small pocket. ]

Are you hungry?
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I had a feeling you might say that. I believe that we have leftovers from earlier, so you can start there if you'd like.

[ Not that Barnaby minds cooking for him, but given that he hasn't had anything since their last meal together, Ivan shouldn't have to wait any longer than he already has. Except for the part where Barnaby hasn't actually let him go yet; in his defence, Ivan decided to make the first move. He's just following through on that. ]
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I'm fine, for the moment. I was at least able to eat more than you did. My primary concern is making sure that you’ve had something.

[ Besides, he’s not a person with a particularly huge appetite either. How they end up in the kitchen considering that they aren’t prepared to let go of one another is anyone’s guess, but somehow it manages to work out that way in the end. Only then does Barnaby untangle himself so that he can prepare some food for Ivan; hopefully he doesn’t mind reheated beef stroganoff. ]
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Yes, you needn’t worry about me. I've had more than enough for the moment.

[ It’s likely that his appetite will return later on, but being forced to go to formal gatherings and play nice with strangers always puts Barnaby in a strange mood. The best remedy for it is a glass of rose, which he’s more than happy to help himself to while Ivan’s food is heating up. Between that and being home with his boyfriend, it seems as though his mood is already dramatically improving.

Once it’s ready, he brings out the plate and cutlery for Ivan’s use, and sits next to him nursing his glass of wine. He has his priorities straight. ]
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[ He can’t help but smile at the offer he’s given, though he shakes his head all the same. As much as Barnaby appreciates it, he’s not particularly concerned. His main priority is taking care of Ivan; he can concern himself with everything else after he’s had enough. ]

I assure you, I'm fine. Please eat as much as you’d like.
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[ The apology isn't something that Barnaby expected, or one that he thinks is particularly necessary. He patiently waits for Ivan to finish speaking, at least, before responding to him. It's not that he's simply trying to be "nice" or cheer Ivan up, though that would of course be an added bonus. ]

Is that what you think this is? It's been a long night, and I simply wish to ensure that we both have everything we need. If I was hungry, I would eat something.

You needn't apologise for something such as this.
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[ Wasn't he? This piques Barnaby's curiosity; his mind hasn't quite made the connection yet, and so he can't quite help but want to find out more information. Besides, if it's bothering Ivan this much, of course he wants to know. That way he can do something in order to fix it it. Nothing else has seemed to work quite as well as he had hoped so far, so this is the natural next step. ]

Then what is it that you were referring to?