sponsorigami: Rising Ivan and cheesy pizza (映画 Product placement by the slice)
Ivan Karelin // Origami Cyclone ([personal profile] sponsorigami) wrote in [community profile] kokyreforest2014-07-10 06:50 pm

Apollon Media won't understand what just happened

[ Awaking early and leaving the bed as quietly as possible as to not disturb his partner, Ivan heads to the kitchen to prepare a bento box. Barnaby has a long day ahead of him at work, and Ivan wants to make sure he has something nice to eat to keep his spirits high. He'll prepare all kinds of veggies. Put on some rice... and he'll pull out the molds to make some bunny hard boiled eggs. Of course, the classic bunny onigiri will make it's appearance as well. A small container of pickles and a packet of mayo will also be put into the box as a Tiger deterrent. It only takes one stolen bento to have Ivan put in defense tactics.

At least, that's the idea. Whether or not he can escape his boyfriend's warm arms to have the bento ready for Barnaby before he wakes is another matter entirely. Ivan will find out soon enough if he ninja'd out of bed with enough skill.

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