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Apollon Media won't understand what just happened

[ Awaking early and leaving the bed as quietly as possible as to not disturb his partner, Ivan heads to the kitchen to prepare a bento box. Barnaby has a long day ahead of him at work, and Ivan wants to make sure he has something nice to eat to keep his spirits high. He'll prepare all kinds of veggies. Put on some rice... and he'll pull out the molds to make some bunny hard boiled eggs. Of course, the classic bunny onigiri will make it's appearance as well. A small container of pickles and a packet of mayo will also be put into the box as a Tiger deterrent. It only takes one stolen bento to have Ivan put in defense tactics.

At least, that's the idea. Whether or not he can escape his boyfriend's warm arms to have the bento ready for Barnaby before he wakes is another matter entirely. Ivan will find out soon enough if he ninja'd out of bed with enough skill.
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[ Unfortunately for Ivan, Barnaby sharply feels the sudden loss of that warmth. He'd been nice and comfortable with Ivan curled up in his arms like that, but the loss is noticeable, and it's enough to make him wake up almost straight away. If only it hadn't been for the temperature, he likely would have been able to get away with it...

Fortunately for Ivan, it takes Barnaby a while to wake up. No matter what anyone else might think, he's not a graceful sleeper. He sits up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes before reaching for his glasses. It's obvious very shortly that Ivan has gone missing, but where has he gone? ]


[ Maybe if he waits for a few minutes, he'll come back. It doesn't seem as though he's going to, after a while, which of course means that Barnaby is going to find him. ]
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[ If you ask Barnaby, it's a good thing that Ivan didn't see his sleepy stumbling towards the kitchen. Lately he was fairly exhausted, given how full his schedule was, and no amount of sleep seemed to be nearly enough. Usually a shower and a decent breakfast was enough to revive him to a point, so he wondered if Ivan had gone ahead to make breakfast already. It seemed as though it was a reasonable assumption.

Once Ivan is spotted, his target is locked in. Soon enough he'll find Barnaby behind him, arms sneaking around his waist, and his head resting on his shoulder. Coherent conversation won't come from him for a while, as he's still waking up, but Ivan is warm. Barnaby is now content. ]
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My alarm was due to go off shortly, it bothers me little.

[ Don’t mind Barnaby: despite that being the truth (or at least somewhere close to it), he still isn’t the most engaging of people first thing in the morning. How he switches into celebrity mode for all of those interviews and television appearances so early is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it’s simply a matter of him flipping a switch. Most people would be likely unamused by the fact that Barnaby Brooks Jr. had trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

(He was supposed to be perfect, isn’t he able to do any and everything?!)

It does seem as though he has the wherewithal to nuzzle against Ivan, at least. Don’t ever tell Kotetsu that the rabbit might just be cute after all, he’d never be able to believe it. ]

Would you like me to assist with breakfast?
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[ Being able to enjoy something that no one else can lay claim to makes Barnaby feel a lot better. Especially considering how much of his life has become public knowledge; it’s nice to have some things that only he and Ivan can enjoy together. It makes it all the more important to him, too, though he’s not sure how to communicate things like that. Of course, he doesn’t say any of that. He may never do so.

But hopefully Ivan understands regardless. ]

What would you like to have?

[ Ever the indulgent boyfriend, this one. Maybe. ]
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French toast with some bacon would be suitable. Perhaps some bananas and cream to go with it?

[ It sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. The most difficult part of all is prying himself away from Ivan long enough to make him anything. That is proving impossible, as Barnaby seems more content to burrow against him instead of shifting away from him. Maybe this rabbit has already found his home for the winter.

Perhaps he’s waiting on Ivan to give him an answer – that’s an excuse that he’ll use if anyone asks, anyway. ]
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We do. I should start now, otherwise we won't have time to eat before I leave.

[ That said, Barnaby leans forward to secure a proper kiss from his boyfriend, before reluctantly pulling back and getting to work. While it won't take long to cook everything, there are numerous components to contend with, and he has to make sure that he doesn't get in Ivan's way and inevitably end up using something he's trying to use. As it turns out, that's the most difficult part of all.

So far, at least, he seems to be making steady progress. One step at a time. ]
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[ The most difficult part is figuring out how to make enough room to cook everything. The frying pan is only so big, but somehow Barnaby manages to prepare the toast, fry the bacon, heat through the bananas, and whip the cream all in a surprisingly short amount of time. Practice does make perfect, he thinks; don't let anyone tell you otherwise. ]

Ivan. Could you test this for me?

[ If the other hero turns his way, Barnaby is going to immediately use the distraction to his advantage, and smear some whipped cream over Ivan's lips with his thumb. Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks... ]
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You missed a spot.

[ That is the perfect opportunity for Barnaby to lean forward and press a light kiss to the corner of his lips. It's one of the oldest clichés in the book, but there is in fact a small drop left there. And it's a great excuse to indulge in more kisses while he's at it. ]
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[ Who said anything about holding back? Barnaby certainly doesn't seem inclined to end this any time soon. That is, with the exception of keeping in mind that their breakfast will eventually go cold. His whole intention was to earn a kiss, and so he's going to make the most of it, especially considering how eagerly Ivan is responding. ]
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[ They have some time to indulge, as long as they don't let breakfast get cold. That seems to be the mentality that Barnaby has right now, at least. He deepens the kiss as soon as Ivan presents the opportunity to him, though despite doing so, the kiss is surprisingly short. After only a few more moments, he withdraws again. ]

Shall we eat now?

[ Yes, he's a tease through and through. ]
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Are you pouting?

[ That is just too adorable for words. Barnaby chuckles when he sees the expression on Ivan's face, but he knows that he has to behave now. He sits down opposite Ivan at the table, and can't quite resist sliding his foot against his. Despite the early hour, someone is certainly in a good mood. ]
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[ Instead of arguing the point further, Barnaby chuckles at his boyfriend instead, and focuses on his breakfast. And why yes, the whole time his foot is rubbing gently against Ivan's. Good mood? Check. Maybe work won't be so bad after all. ]
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[ The offer surprises him, but not in a bad way - not in the slightest. Barnaby smiles as he considers it, thinking that it would be rather nice to be able to do something like that together. ]

Do you have anything specific in mind that we could make?

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