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Muse List

Last Updated: 08-17-16

Ivan Karelin // Origami Cyclone
Tiger & Bunny
OU: Post Ep. 25; Rising
EV: 1+ yr game history + Rising; Ivan Brooks
AU: a million and one LinLin AUs
[personal profile] sponsorigami
[community profile] exitvoid (endgame)
[community profile] consignment (dropped)
[community profile] interstellar5555
Agent 3 (Nory)
OU: post single player campaign, post Naughty/Nice Splatfest results
[personal profile] woomy
[community profile] interstellar5555
Tekhartha Zenyatta
OU: post Recall...? What is a canon timeline here?
[personal profile] orbislife
[community profile] gameofmana
Sasuke Sarutobi
Sengoku Basara / Gakuen Basara
AU: mid. Gakuen Basara 2
"Patience★Duty★Deadline - Chaos Abound!"
[personal profile] shinbunshinobi
[community profile] wonderfulworlds (dropped)
[community profile] ameswell
(Prohibition AU, dropped)
Sasuke Sarutobi
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes
OU: Yukimura Red: before Yukimura forms the alliance with Mitsunari
Possibly with bits of Sasuke's UTAGE route
[personal profile] gatescostmoney
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes
OU: Tsuruhime Red: TBD
[personal profile] infinitearrows
"Reki" Fujio
.hack//Legend of the Twilight
OU (manga ver.): Post Login 21
[personal profile] historycodebook
[community profile] exitvoid (dropped)
Gumi the "Demon Dealer"
Vocaloid: "Poker Face"
Post song
[personal profile] demondealergirl
[community profile] vocaloidressing (inactive)
Rin Kagamine
Vocaloid: "End of Solitude" et. all
AU: Virus, Leader of Vocaloid
[personal profile] dyetheskyorange
[community profile] vocaloidressing (inactive)
Black★Rock Shooter
... n/a
[personal profile] phonedgunblade
[community profile] vocaloidressing (inactive)
Mikuo Hatsune
Vocaloid: "Cruel Clocks"
Post song
[personal profile] magnetizedtime
[community profile] vocaloidressing (inactive)
Yukari Yuzuki
[personal profile] moonlitcircuitry
[community profile] vocaloidressing (inactive)
Kariko Enipa
OC: Mirror's Divide
OU: after shipwreck, pre-reunion
[personal profile] twilitduty
[community profile] exitvoid (dropped)
Ivan Karelin
Tiger & Bunny
AU: Ouroboros/Rule of Cool/Let's Be Badass Badguys/LinLin
[personal profile] karakurikarelin
Ivan "I-wan" Kaburagi
Tiger & Bunny
AU: If the Heroes Were a Family Drama
[personal profile] chashushu
Edward Keddy
Tiger & Bunny
OU: Post Ep. 25
bits of NTA manga and T&B-chan thrown in
[personal profile] desertedheroics
Prince of All Cosmos
Katamari Damacy
XI AU: most likely
[personal profile] everlastinglove
was [livejournal.com profile] roll_into_stars
Yamanbagiri Kunihiro
Touken Ranbu
OU/AU: ??? the canonpoint of being a blanket???
[personal profile] yamanblanketry


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