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Let's visit the LinLinBunny Cafe

[ A news report just happens to catch Ivan's ears when mentions it the opening of a brand new cafe, the likes of which found its start in Japan. Ivan freezes in his tracks upon that magical word. A cafe started in Japan? He has to go there! He remains in the middle of the sidewalk and watches two reporters coo over petting rabbits as they also enjoy drinks and snacks. They look very happy.

Ivan quickly jots down the name of the place, and back at the training room, he does a search for the bunny cafe on his phone. Oh. It looks to be on the Silver Stage, a small distance away from most of the stations. That makes it a little harder to visit.

So, either a taxi for on foot... How much would a taxi even cost me...?
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[Have a tiny god peeking over your shoulder, ninja.]

Whatcha looking at?
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Ohh, that's so cute! We should definitely go!

[You know who else should definitely go? A certain other blond Hero. No, not that one, the other one. The other other one!!!

Pao-Lin looks around the training room for her intended victim. When she spots him, she waves him over.]

Barnaby! Look at this!
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[ Completely oblivious to the topic of conversation up until now, Barnaby only turns when he hears his name being called. Just what is it that he's being summoned to look at?

There's no harm in going to take a look, so he makes his way over, peering over Pao-Lin's shoulder so that he can take a look. ]

What is it?

[ Are those bunnies...? Is that why they asked him? ]
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... The two of you seem rather excited about going.

[ That much he can tell without even needing to ask Pao-Lin. Still, it hasn't escaped his notice that they might have a difficult time getting there... ]

Would you like some help getting there?

[ Note that he hasn't actually answered Ivan's question yet. ]
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Could you really get us there?


I mean well I guess he kind of already is the best BUT MORE SO]
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[ How could he possibly say no to such eager faces? It would be roughly the equivalent of trying to cancel Christmas. ]

I don't mind assisting you.
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[Pao-Lin throws her hands up excitedly. The tiny god: pleased.]

Yaaay! Thanks, Barnaby! It'll be fun, I promise!

[Pao-Lin, you can't say that when you haven't even been to the place in question.]
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[ The best? Isn't that taking it a little bit too far-- nah. They're right, he is pretty amazing. But right now he should try and keep his ego in check more than anything else. ]

It's really no trouble.

[ That much is true... besides, he can't say that he's not curious too. ]
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[The bunny cafe doesn't look all that impressive from the outside when it comes down to it. In fact, it's not even entirely clear where the entrance is supposed to be.

As Pao-Lin steps out of Barnaby's car, she glances at the multi-story building up and down.]

Is this really it?
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As far as I'm aware, such establishments are rarely on the ground floor. Should we not go inside and have a look...?

[ Sometimes Barnaby has to worry about them. But it's just a small mishap - they should still be able to recover from this!

Right? ]
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[Pao-Lin approaches the building, making a beeline for what seems the most likely entrance. At first it seems like the door is completely locked, but no, that's just one of the doors being locked. The other one swings out easily when Pao-Lin pulls on the handle, and she steps inside. She catches sight of some posters on the wall.]

Oh, hey, it's on the third floor!

[Though, that's weird...if this is a new place, shouldn't it be more obvious about where they should go?]
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[ The third floor it is, then... Does Barnaby have to lead the way? They both seem unsure, so he's just going to have to go ahead and go first. If they're not in the right place, then surely they should at least be able to ask someone to put them on the right track? Or so he hopes. ]
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[Barnaby will have to go first, yes. If they are in the wrong place (and in a really wrong place, if'n ya get what I mean), having Barnaby and his star power at the forefront means they're a little more likely to get deferential treatment.

(gosh, you guys, this is just a bunny cafe -- )]
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It seems as though we've managed to find it.

[ Is that a bunny emoticon? Barnaby isn't sure that his dignity can handle him asking that question, so he decides that it might be in his best interests to leave it alone. Instead he decides to take the lead and go inside, even if his misgivings are growing.

His instincts were probably trying to tell him something. Especially since they immediately start cooing over "Barnaby Brooks Jr. is here!"

Dammit. ]
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[The employees immediately start arguing amongst themselves about who gets to talk to him first, complete with someone attempting to just walk away to greet Barnaby only to be yanked back by someone else. Eventually they settle things with rock-paper-scissors, and the winner strolls triumphantly up to Barnaby and his companions with a bright smile on her face. After an overly-enthusiastic greeting (including multiple breathless exclamations about how wonderful it was that he deigned to visit their humble little cafe), she explains house rules and then the pricing system: $7.00 per person for half an hour and $11 per person for a full hour, with unlimited drink refills included in each.

Pao-Lin glances at Barnaby and Ivan.]
How long do you think we should stay?

[She's leaning towards the $11 option, herself. She doesn't have anything else to do today, unless (knock on wood) they're all summoned for an episode of HeroTV.]
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[ It’s probably a good thing that Barnaby has perfected the art of smiling in the face of adversity. He’s used to fans being rather… enthusiastic, but even this is on a whole other level. He tries his best to simply be polite and respectful, which only gives them more to giggle about. Perhaps he should have stayed outside… the others didn’t need to put up with this. ]

Per hour should be fine, don’t you think?

[ If it becomes too overbearing, he can pretend he has to go to an interview…

It also takes all of his self-control not to react when Ivan addresses the other bunny, too. What a terrible habit this is. ]
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["Right this way, then!" the employee says, guiding the three to a corner table in the (surprisingly small) cafe. Pao-Lin bends down and picks up the rabbit that came to greet them at the entrance, cuddling it as she takes a seat.]

Ahh, he's so fluffy!

[She's already halfway to wondering whether Natasha will allow her to buy a pet rabbit. She misses her pet turtle Slowpoke, left back with her parents, but you can't really cuddle a turtle. As she's scratching her bunny's head, however, her eyes also roam the cages along the shelves that house more floppy-eared creatures, though there are a few that free-roam the cafe.

(No lie: she's looking for a bunny that might look like Barnaby.)]

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