Sunday, October 19th, 2014

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[ Dacey Nolan, age 24, walks calmly through the open air shopping center on the Gold Stage. At the window of a designer handbag store, she looks at her reflection in the glass. Tucking some stray brown locks of hair behind her ear, she grins at the people all around her. Saturday's are busy shopping times, and it's getting close to the holiday season. Music is blasting from the shopping center's speakers. Conversations fill the air when music notes aren't loud enough. Surely no one will notice Nolan should she snap her fingers with her right hand, still covered by hair.

Eyes glow blue as three handbags sitting on a shelf fall through a bright blue portal that opens underneath. The portal quickly disappears as her glow does. Nolan starts to walk away, knowing those handbags have fallen through a second portal back at her house, an orange portal created with a snap of her left hand. She starts to hum a Blue Rose song as she continues with her window shopping. What a pleasant day it is. Even the weather is nice.

What Nolan doesn't know is that her string of crimes hasn't gone completely unnoticed. Over-confidence is her vice. Security cameras have identified her as a person of interest. Her face has been present at many of the reported thefts, and it has long been thought a NEXT could be involved, though they don't know the power used.

As with many crimes involving NEXTs, the heroes have been called to action. Each hero is at a different gate to the shopping center. Origami Cyclone waits at Gate 3, around the corner of a large sporting goods store. All he's waiting for is the word from Agnes to start.


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